Most paintwork damage occurs during the main wash process as dirt and grit become trapped in the wash mitt or sponge and are then dragged back and forth over the paint. This causes fine swirls and scratches, making paintwork appear dull and tired. 
Pre-cleaning your vehicle using non-contact methods is the easiest way to prevent incurring this type of damage. Snow foams are typically applied using a snow foam lance attached to a pressure washer. The formulation of the products is such that when combined with high pressure, a thick foam is produced which coats the vehicle, clinging to vertical surfaces to allow for longer dwelling times. The foam then lifts the larger particles of dirt and grit away from the surface of the paintwork, encapsulating them in the bubbles that can be easily rinsed away. Using a snow foam provides a non-contact method of pre-cleaning, helping to prevent swirls and scratches.

Snow foam is safe to use on all vehicles and will not remove wax or ceramic coatings.

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